This morning had me taking the CTA Brown line to Paulina stop and walk over to Ashland #9 bus South to Webster and then walk over to Runaway Sports headquarters of RAM Racing Inc who is the operators of Bucktown 5k.

This is the second time I've done this race.  I finished last year's race with a time of 48:48.  I had major shin splints at the time and had to walk most of the race in pain.  This year...it's going to be different.  I'm planning on a sub 30 minute 5k on Sunday.  I think I can if I can get in an earlier corral than what Im currently in. 

Usually these types of races are for fun.  There will be a lot of people walking and with strollers.  So if you are looking to break your PR I suggest moving towards the front.  Now coming from experience once you hear the race go off. Please do not shove your way through the crowd trying to run towards the starting line.  Guess what, you timing chip won't activate until you actually cross it.  So until then...chill out and enjoy the atmosphere.  

Now for you walkers and people with strollers please use race course etiquette.  DO NOT walk three or more across in your group.  This is a race/fun run.  NOT A PARADE!!!  Please keep to your right as much as possible.  Also look to your left and right before changing lanes.  Give a signal to let your fellow runners around you what you are going to do.  Simple things like that goes a long way for a making this race enjoyable for all.

Once getting into the store my packet pickup only took less than a minute.  This might have been the fastest packet pickup ever for me.  Kudos to the race staff!!!!  Once I got home I noticed that the goodie bag was nice and to the point....
one draw string bag, one race bib with safety pins and the nice soft hoodie sweater.  No clumps of other races you will not be doing, no product samples you will never buy.  Just perfect.  Now it's time to go for a nice short run in this great fall weather. 

Think I will go out for a nice quick run before work and break in this hoodie.

until Sunday, 

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